TOP 10 reimbursement value for brands

TOP 10 reimbursement value for brands

NHF spending on medical products, foodstuffs and medical devices reimbursement from January till February 2021 amounted to PLN 2.09 billion, including PLN 1.37 billion expenditures on products from outpatients list, PLN 0.65 billion on medical products from drug programmes and PLN 0.07 billion on products from chemotherapy.

NHF spending on TOP 10 products with highest reimbursement value in that period came to PLN 312.37 million, which is about 15.09% of total NHF expenditure on reimbursement from this period. On the TOP 10 list are 6 medical products from drug programmes and 4 product from outpatients list. Spinraza had the highest reimbursement value in the first two months of 2021, reimbursed in drug programmes.

Interestingly, in chemotherapy, the second in the ranking is Riximyo, the biosimilar version of rituximab. In contrast, the original drug – MabThera, is only 7th on the list. Aranesp is the first on the ranking and Lonquex is third. Expenditure on the 10 drugs from chemotherapy with the highest reimbursement amount accounted for 55.83% of the public payer’s expenditure on all drugs from chemotherapy.

We encourage you to analyze the detailed data using our interactive miniIDA report.

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